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Multi-platform digital publications


Flick is a powerful piece of software for creating realistic digital publications that can be viewed on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Flick publications can be saved to a CD/DVD, shared via email and social networks, and embedded in websites. We've put together some publications for you below to demonstrate the possibilities.


Hardcover books, dictionaries, textbooks

With Flick you can create realistic digital books, textbooks, and other educational materials. The hardcover and page-flipping effects make them as close as possible to their paper counterparts. And the ability to open your online book on any mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android devices) means your books will be state-of-the-art and convenient to use.

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Business brochures, reports, and newsletters

Flick makes distributing digital marketing materials a snap. Expand your audience and enhance the effectiveness of your brochures by taking advantage of support for viewing them on any device and distributing them via multiple channels, e.g. embedded in your website, sent by email, shared on social networks, and as offline publications.

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Magazines, periodical publications

Many publishers are in the midst of a gradual transition to digital publishing. Flick offers a full-featured solution. Everything is possible: from digital magazines with multimedia content, access control, and content protection, to online storage and subscription-based distribution. Want to increase your circulation? Let Flick help by providing a stylish design, page-flipping effect, and support for any device (including the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices). Your subscribers will be able to conveniently peruse your online magazine from anywhere in the world.

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