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Multi-platform digital publications


Flick has been designed to allow you to leverage the marketing collateral within your business. As long as you have a pdf file Flick allows you to convert it into a virtual format and incorporate a wealth of features normally restricted to web based applications. Brochures, leaflets, menus and books are just some of the materials we can convert and add a raft of features that can benefit your communication and effectiveness with your clients.

Flick allows you to create a fully interactive environment where you would normally have a static printed document of some form! Photographs can be brought to life using animation, videos can be embedded to engage and educate your audience, while links can allow your client access to your website or make bookings from within Flick!

Cost and time can be axed - sending out a simple email link rather than hard copy! Flick removes the headache of physically posting anything; all you need to do is press "send" on your email application. If, on the rare occasion your client wishes to print any information - Flick allows it to be downloaded and printed with ease.

Flick is hosted online so any virtual publications can be updated in real time - changes are immediate for you and your clients. Flick means that information will never be out of date again.

Flick means that if your website has ecommerce then so can your virtual documents; a simple link can be made to enable a booking system from your catalogues and brochures. Flick allows product and service sales to soar while your costs plummet.